Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have internet! go me!

OKEEEDOKEEE! heya gurls, i've missed you dearly! don't want y'all thinking i fell off the face of the earth. i've just been painting wall, arguing over who is right with my DH, and re-training my dog to go potty on the balcony ( we moved to some urban GO GREEN apt). totally lovin washington state fer sure! i've already lost 8 pounds from all teh activities i didn't know i was doing, lol. ok, back to bizzness... I will do whatev, lol. complicated right? ha. if you feel like sending em all to me, well, thats cool, if not, thats cool too. i do think tho that if jen wants her book back to do more stuff, heck, why not. wont bother me a bit, lol. switching up the order sounds cool too, honestly, im just down with anything! :) BTW if you want my NEW OFFICIAL ADDY that will forever be mines (or at least 18 months according to my lease) you can ask me or miss kelley fer it. i live in redmond, washington now. im not cure how my DH packed my moly, but im sure it has the wrong forwarding address to it. so yeah, please please please please please make sure to check in with moi or kell's for the new addy. i FREAKING LOVE YOU GIRLS :D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009's the Situation:

Hello friends...okay here's the latest which I have just discovered with my internet stalking skills, LOL.

Okay, seriously. Leanne just sent out two books, Jen's and Mine to Lee. However she is going to try and put a stop on them because as of this evening Lee will no longer be able to continue on with our exchange. She's having some health problems right now that require her attention and so we have to say goodbye to her for a bit :( Lee, I hope you get better soon and are feeling up to checking in with us every once in awhile.

Jen, we haven't heard from you for a bit, would you check in and let us know how you are doing in terms of molies?

Debbie, sweetie, here's the deal. Lee is gonna try to work in Leanne's book because she already has it. I've told her if she's not up to finishing it to just go ahead and forward it on to you at your new address.

So here's our second situation...Debbie will be getting a book from Lee in the near future and Leanne has two books finished and ready for you want all three at once? Or should we mail Jen back her book so she can start another round of her own?

Anybody else have any suggestions for this next step of the game? Normally my thought would be to switch the order around a bit, but seeing as the books that need to be worked on are mine and Jen's, it's sort of too soon to send back to me :P

Let's hear your thoughts, ladies. Jen - where are you? (I know she's busy, that's why I leave the crazy notes, hee hee hee)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How are you ladies doing?? Everyone still up for this group?? I haven't heard from some of you in a while...please check in and keep the chatter going. I am currently without a moly...have been for a while everyone doing okay?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring cleaning.

Hi gang. Going through the groups to see if all is going smoothly. Great start here. Keep it up. Have fun. Communicate.