Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have internet! go me!

OKEEEDOKEEE! heya gurls, i've missed you dearly! don't want y'all thinking i fell off the face of the earth. i've just been painting wall, arguing over who is right with my DH, and re-training my dog to go potty on the balcony ( we moved to some urban GO GREEN apt). totally lovin washington state fer sure! i've already lost 8 pounds from all teh activities i didn't know i was doing, lol. ok, back to bizzness... I will do whatev, lol. complicated right? ha. if you feel like sending em all to me, well, thats cool, if not, thats cool too. i do think tho that if jen wants her book back to do more stuff, heck, why not. wont bother me a bit, lol. switching up the order sounds cool too, honestly, im just down with anything! :) BTW if you want my NEW OFFICIAL ADDY that will forever be mines (or at least 18 months according to my lease) you can ask me or miss kelley fer it. i live in redmond, washington now. im not cure how my DH packed my moly, but im sure it has the wrong forwarding address to it. so yeah, please please please please please make sure to check in with moi or kell's for the new addy. i FREAKING LOVE YOU GIRLS :D


  1. p.s. our blog needs pictures!

    i can't seem to find the darned usb cable to my camera. i have like 6 of em somewhere. ugh. lessong learned: NEVER let the DH do the unpacking. i know i put 3 of em in my train case with my makeup (yes im weird, but i knew he wouldnt go in there looking for something, WRONGO) now i cant find em, but i promise i will!

    if not, i hope theres no objections to macbook webcam shots :) lol


  2. LOL!! Debbie, you are so fun! I love it!! Leanne has your new address for sure and will be sending Jen's book to you to make your first entry...we'll then have you send it back to her so she can start the second round.

    My book, I believe is gonna just go to Jen because she hasn't worked in it yet and then will go on to you.

    sound good everybody?