Sunday, March 14, 2010

woot woot, it's time to reboot!

just wow.

so glad to be alive. :)

so, gettin back into the swing of things...well, its...interesting, lol.

I have miss K's moly...and what a beaut! we previously discussed making our lil swap kind of a scrapbook/getting to know each other better kind of thing. which i think is sweet...oh and ill be keeping in the fam with the water theme.

surprises to come!


  1. I cannot wait to see what you do with it Debbie. I've still got yours here and will work on it this week for sure - I've not been feeling too well lately (sore back) so sitting and drawing has been a struggle, but VERY soon, I promise :)

  2. Hello Ladies,
    My name is Emma, I will turn up as benconservato, and I am your new fairy godmother. I am here to see how you are going, if you need some help, a reshuffle, some new blood? Tell, I can see there hasn't been any new work done for a little while. I know life can catch-up with you sometimes, but we do need communication from everyone to keep it moving.
    Tell us what is going on in your worlds.
    Sorry to hear about your back Kelley, that can be very frustrating.