Wednesday, February 4, 2009

this wild thing is almost done...

I'm still doing touch ups on this guy...once I got started I just couldn't help myself, I totally immersed myself in creating a new scene for Max :) Here's what I have so far...still working out the little details but you'll get a good idea of what i've been up to. Sorry for the crappy picture by the way, I didn't realize it was so blurry till I got in on the computer :( Anyway, as you can see below I have the text blocked out and then the night sky painted over it...that part is obviously not there's still a little bit of coloring left to do...but like I said, a work in progress :)

Oh geez, and I almost sign in pages. I did a little wardrobe, the secret hiding place of Max's wolf suit. Anyway, my thought is to put a few pre-made picture frames up on the wall of his bedroom and let you all sign in there :) Okay, I've typed long enough back to the drawing board.


  1. Oh Wow!
    i am so jealous!
    I am still in my pencil stage now, i am not worthy!

  2. holey macaroni! and I was all proud of the house I drew where you could sign in the rooms ... I may have to go back and rework it a bit cause I'm feeling inferior!


  3. Oh my guys are too nice. I promise it's nothing more than patterned paper and a cut up drawing, LOL...but thank you for your nice comments :)