Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kelley wishes she were traveling to Australia...

...unfortunately money is too tight right now so her molie will have to go without her :(

Leanne this will be going out in the mail tomorrow...we'll see how long it takes to get to you in Australia from me in California.

How's everyone else doing? Are molies moving?? I've got Jen's book here and have been working like a crazy woman. Jen...out of curiosity....what kind of gesso did you use on this thing??? I know I'm messy, but my pencil marks are sticking to this stuff like you would not believe. I had a bit of an oops with some paint to the right of the picture that's made me a bit of a grump...but I've painted over it and hopefully it's none the worse for wear. Oy vey, I'm such a klutz sometimes. *sighs**

(Also, in my best OZ voice PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MESS ON MY DESK!)


  1. LOVE!!!

    it's just plain ole gesso by Liquitex :)

    no worries @ the oopsies ... I make them all the time!

    love the yellow slicker and the shadows of Other Mother & Father!

  2. Well you can't see the oopsie, but I think I finally fixed it last night :)

    Glad you are liking it so far, I was a little worried :)