Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How is everyone doing??

Just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing with their story themed molies? If you haven't posted to the blog with your progress as of yet, please do. Communication is key with these exchanges, if you're late or behind, don't worry - just let us know. When you don't hear from other participants we always assume the worst :)

And don't feel like you're going to get in trouble, we all know these are for fun and that life gets in the way of our "extra" activities, we just need to keep track of each other.

Oh..oh..oh...And also, because my story ended up being Where the Wild things are I wanted to show you all the trailer for the movie in case you hadn't had a chance to see it yet. I was a bit skeptical about how the movie would turn out but from the scenes here, I am getting ever optimistic.


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I've been working on Wild Things this week, I'll finish adding the colour and post to blog and post to Flee over the next few days. Yah for Easter Break and 4 days off! Have a great Easter everyone

  2. Hi Leanne thanks for getting back to me. I had emailed with Jen a few days ago and I know her and I have both been busy with other projects so I thought it was time to see how everyone was doing.

    It's just about time for people to finish up the second entry, or rather the first entry in someone else's book and i was curious how everyone was getting a long.

    Ladie, please check in and let us know if you've mailed out books, if you've received a book but not been able to work on it, whatever :)


  3. OOOH! I'm uber excited to see the movie. To be honest, I haven't read the book in AGES so ... humm, maybe I ought to go out and get a copy? I'll wait till the weekend, or else my hubby will get suspicious. lol. Anywho, as for my moly, I mailed mines out to Jen i think last week or so. I haven't received Lee's moly I am kinda ... just ... chillaxin? ha. I hope the rest of you ladies are doing great! oh FYI, I created a new twitter its "misbeehaving" just in case y'all wanted to know. ok, well, off to read now. smoochies!

  4. Debbi, you know I actually meant to write a copy of the words down for everyone to use...and then I got so excited that I had finished I mailed it off without them...doh!!

    Okay cook, so we now know Jen should have or be getting your book soon, but we're still waiting to hear from Flee. I know Jen is super busy, but I do get emails from her when we mail back and forth for another exchange.

    Flee? Where are you?? LOL

  5. okay girlee's I just got a hold of Lee and Debbi, she mailed her book to you over a week ago, so keep a look out in the mail - sounds like it will be there any day now.

    Leanne, when you are done go ahead and mail, Lee said she just received the package yesterday!! If it's taking that long to get to her, you might as well not hold on to them :P Better to let it take it's time getting to here, hee hee hee.

    I know Jen hasn't checked in yet, but I know she's been a busy little bee, she's all professional and submitting a book idea to a publisher, 'cha! what's that about? LOL just kidding, of luck, tell them they better accept it or the molie girls of 62 will come after them, LOL!!

  6. Leanne!! Have I mentioned I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you're working on, LOL!! Ever since your first comment when you said you would be posting in a few days, I've been a crazy stalker to this blog checking every few hours to see what's new! LOL, I know, it's very sad, I'm goofy, what can I say, LOL!!