Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kelley wishes she were traveling to Australia...

...unfortunately money is too tight right now so her molie will have to go without her :(

Leanne this will be going out in the mail tomorrow...we'll see how long it takes to get to you in Australia from me in California.

How's everyone else doing? Are molies moving?? I've got Jen's book here and have been working like a crazy woman. Jen...out of curiosity....what kind of gesso did you use on this thing??? I know I'm messy, but my pencil marks are sticking to this stuff like you would not believe. I had a bit of an oops with some paint to the right of the picture that's made me a bit of a grump...but I've painted over it and hopefully it's none the worse for wear. Oy vey, I'm such a klutz sometimes. *sighs**

(Also, in my best OZ voice PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MESS ON MY DESK!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jen's Moly

I came home yesterday to find Jen's book in my mailbox. And can I just tell is BEAUTY-FULL!! The cover is adorable...the sign in pages are so creative...her ideas for her book are just amazing I can't wait to get this one in round two so I can see what you've all added to it after me, LOL.

Okay...that's all. Just wanted to let you all know I'd received a book. I have a couple details yet to finish with mine and it will be on it's way out the door, just a few weeks early of the February deadline, woot woot!

Okay girls, best luck drawing.

Jen this is by far the coolest moly I've had pass my hands while doing these the collage-y feel and all your added little bits. So great!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

this wild thing is almost done...

I'm still doing touch ups on this guy...once I got started I just couldn't help myself, I totally immersed myself in creating a new scene for Max :) Here's what I have so far...still working out the little details but you'll get a good idea of what i've been up to. Sorry for the crappy picture by the way, I didn't realize it was so blurry till I got in on the computer :( Anyway, as you can see below I have the text blocked out and then the night sky painted over it...that part is obviously not there's still a little bit of coloring left to do...but like I said, a work in progress :)

Oh geez, and I almost sign in pages. I did a little wardrobe, the secret hiding place of Max's wolf suit. Anyway, my thought is to put a few pre-made picture frames up on the wall of his bedroom and let you all sign in there :) Okay, I've typed long enough back to the drawing board.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mailing Order

Hello Ladies...I just wanted to make sure you were all clear on how the mailing order works :)

I know we have a couple of newbies in this group and just wanted to make things as easy-peasy for everyone as possible. I added a new topic to the upper right of our blog that lists the order of who you mail to. Remember no matter who's book you have through out the exchange you will always mail to the same person and receive from the person. Makes it nice, you don't have to worry about messing up some complicated order or mailing to the wrong person (both of which I've had happen in other groups, hee hee hee).

Anyway, if you haven't emailed the person you are supposed to mail to, you might want to shoot them an know get their real name and mailing address.

type at you all soon :)