Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello Ladies!

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with their molies. I currently have Jen's book and have mailed mine off to Australia for's everyone else doing? Remember, you should have mailed your books on earlier this week for the first mailing :)

I was looking through some of the other moly exchanges and noticed that a couple of groups have set it up so that they all mail on the same day. For instance, everyone is supposed to mail on the 5th of each new month...that way they are keeping to the month guideline and the books are constantly moving along with no one bombarded with more than one at a time. What do you all think of doing that here? Should we designate a certain day of the month so everyone can mail them off at the same time? Let's hear your thoughts.


  1. Kelley I think that setting a week or a specific date is a great idea. I havent recieved yours yet, but Im looking forward to it and checking my postbox everyday!!

  2. I sent it late last week, I think** if I'm remembering you should get it soon :)

    How's your book coming along Leanne? and do you have a suggestion for which day we mail or does something easy like the first of last of the month work for everyone??

  3. hello ladies!
    sorry for the lack of post on this blog!! gah! was too busy jugglin'
    however, i am preparing to mail my Moleskine out!
    Yay x infinity!
    But first i'll have to check who am i going to mail it to! Gaahhh! Aging doesn't go very well with my memory...

  4. something like the 5th works for me :)

    still waiting for a mole here

  5. heya jen,
    don't worry hun! i swear i did one, lol. i'll mail it out on thursday mornin when i get back to my apt! soooo sorrrrrrrry! i swear im not usually a scatter brain.