Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kelley waves goodbye to Jen's moly...

I have had the first couple pages of Jen's moly done for a couple weeks now. However the last pages of my entry gave me a bit of a tough time....I had a little run in with her gesso. Not exactly sure what the problem was, but I couldn't get my paint to stick to it at first and so I kept having to add layer upon layer that seemed to just want to slide off. What was really weird was it was only on the last part of my entry where it seemed to do I've no idea the source of the problem. Also...Jen, I just wanted to clarify, I have tried my very best to erase my pencil lines, LOL, and they are not coming off...I think it's your gesso, because I have never seen anything like this, LOL. Anyway I just wanted to let you know, I tried to get them off, I promise I wasn't being lazy, but they just won't budge...they are probably only really obvious to me :) but in case you see them, I just wanted to give a little heads up....I hope you like these, the story is wonderful by the way, thank you for sharing. OH!!! and I'm a goof and forgot to include a card in the pocket, before I mailed it....but no worries I will make one up and send it to you directly :)


  1. no worries about the pencil lines at all ... I think it adds to the story {being that Coraline is told from her point of view I find it fitting!}

    the pages look FANTASTIC! I think a journal is on the way to me, but I currently still have none.

    I will send you a separate email @ our other molys

  2. looks a-freaking-mazzzeeee-innng!