Monday, March 9, 2009

M.I.A. Apology!!

WOW! First off, I am completely sorrrrrry that i haven't kept in touch with you all. it's completely all my fault...and my madre's for being stuck in a time capsule that predates sliced bread. a family emergency came up in cali so i had to fly out to another area instead of taking my vacay like i was supposed to. i was in a rush and forgot my carry on that had my moly in it...along with my electronic lifelines! long story short, i'll be home wednesday nite and ill mail it out on thursday morn. agh! sooo sorry a million times over!

on another note, i can't wait to see whats in my mailbox when i get home! promise to be fast, lol. 


  1. Welcome back Debb! As far as I may not have anything waiting for you but on it's way :) Lee is in Singapore and she is the one mailing to you, so you may get a small moly break before jumping in again :P

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I saw you in my 'followers' list and thought to myself "why, I should scoot on over and say hi to YOU!" So, here I am. What a COOL thing you are doing here! What talent!

    ~ Barb (Mrs. Miles)