Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intro - Debbstar!!!!!

SO, yeah! Why does this feel like a blind date? Anywhooo, um, yeah, I'm Debbie. If you've haven't already read my profile, you should know that it irks me when ppl spell my name with one 'b' instead of two....so yeah, Debbs shall suffice :) ok, list time!!!
  • im 27...but my birthday is next month...so, um, yea  :)
  • mommy of a welsh corgi named einstein
  • mommy to a needy cat named loki the mischevious
  • microns are my best friends
  • i usually use graphite, but for the molys ill be using ink
  • domo-kun lover
  • totoro lover, well, anything ghibli really
  • i crochet. a lot. 
  • yarn addict... there i admitted it. :)
  • sign language rocks my socks
  • bass player enthusiast, lol, im still learning!
  • lover of cooler climates!
  • originally from california
  • now in texas
  • moving to new york...err, soon?
ook i suppose thats just me in a nut shell for now, so yeahhhhhh . ok bye.


  1. ha ha ha, you are a crack up! I have no idea what a domo-kun is or a totoro/anything ghibli, please explain :)

  2. love totoro and spirited away!