Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introduction - Kelley

Hey everybody, I'm Kelley aka ilovetodoodle. Just wanted to post a quick intro even though a few of you have heard from me quite a bit lately ;P

Anyway, a little about me. I'm 29 year old and live in Tustin, California with my boyfriend. I graduated from art school with my bachelors in illustration...however I'm still waiting for my big break. Had a bunch of small, odd jobs, just nothing published as of yet. In the mean time, I work a boring desk job I hate, and pass the time by farting around on the internet, LOL. So you can pretty much always catch me on here :) Besides the molies, I have my own blog (kelleybobelley.blogspot.com) and a portfolio website - that I'm working on redesigning (www.kelleyfrisby.com) ahhh, so much to do.

My favorite mediums are my all-time staples...watercolor, pen and ink...and a good ol' mechanical pencil. I have to admit acrylics are my least favorite, only because I suck at it, LOL...but I'm working on it.

As for the story I've chosen...I'm completely torn...I was thinking of doing either Peter Pan or The Wizard of Oz. Maybe I'll let you guys vote, LOL!!


  1. either one would be great ... I saw the Max charcoal on your website .. Where the Wild Things are would be fun too!

  2. Oh....I hadn't thought of that. It's one of my all-time faves. I'd be worried about doing it justice though. Have you seen they are going to make a live-action movie of that story? I saw some still shots the other day, it sort of reminded me of the Labyrinth from the characters aspect anyway.