Monday, January 19, 2009

woot woot it's Moly_X_62 time!

okey dokey artichoke, here's where i'm at!
i ordered my moly (japanese fold out) from amazon last week and am still waiting its arrival! 
um as for the story im chosing, well...still having a hard time deciding? however, i am seriously leaning towards rumplestiltskin...i hope that's how u spell it, lol. anywho, yeah.
since this will be my first time, with moly x anyways, any ground rules? like, um....
  • pages per artiste
  • time? 
  • shipping order?
oh yeah and how is the story thingy gonna work? do i draw the beginning of the story and the next person just continues on so it unfolds like a real story?
or do we draw our favorite scene/part from the fable?
lol. ok. ima leave it at that.    smooches my lovers, can't wait to hear from y'all soon!


  1. Ha ha, Debbie, I can see you are gonna be a fun group member already, woo hoo! Okay are still waiting for you moly, no worries I figure our first mail out date will be the end of February. You can of course always mail sooner if you finish early, I usually do...but the deadline, if you want to call it, that will be end of Feb.
    As for how many pages you get...since there are only five of us in the group, we can either all do six pages at a time and get this finished in one round or we can set the limit at say four pages or so, and have a few people repeat...I'm kind of interested to see it repeat but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.
    Shipping order is basically the order your name appears in our bloggers side panel on the right. For example Lee aka fleecircus will mail to Debbi, Debbi will mail to Jen aka identity seven, Jen will mail to me aka ilovetodoodle, I will mail to Leanne aka drawn in chalk and Leanne will mail to Lee. Does that make sense to everyone??

  2. Hi Girl's in group 62, Isnt it exciting, its my first exchange too so I'm really looking forward to sending off my book and getting the first one sent to me. Im kinda thinking along the lines of theming mine around well... Toy Story or an animated movie, I have so many favourites I dont know how Im going to decide. It sounds like we have a great group, I think our moly's are all going to be very bright and bubbly. As for how many times around we go, once or twice Im not phased, I'll go with the flow, Im just so excited to be a part of this group!

  3. Hey Leanne, I sent you an invite to join the blog...I see you have a personal account hopefully you can get you all squared away :)

  4. oooh i like where your thoughts are leading you! makes me wanna do finding nemo!...maybe ill switch??? humm, i think i just might do it! does anyone know how well the jap moly handles with watercolours? maybe if i used a base or something first? i ono, ill prolly ask the DH, he's the resident artist around here, lol. yeah im down for multiple rounds too, if you gals are! :)

  5. Debbi, the japanese moleskines are terrible with watercolors...however identityseven aka Jen gave me an excellent tip...if you gesso the back of the page, the paper won't crumble away so badly...I have actually tried this...and it really did help. You just don't get that really good bleed like with watercolor paper. That being said, I've also used watercolor paper, cut it out and then modge podge'd it to my moly book before and it still came out looking pretty cool...just some tips for you ladies.

  6. im outta gesso, but never modge podge! i love the stuff way too much! i think ima try the martha stewart brand ones. ha ha ha, so maybe i could do that instead. oh and a suggestion to your theme choices....maybe OZ? its been a while since i've seen anything oz-like so this could be fun to reintroduce? i read wicked when it first came out so maybe i could revisit it? lol. oh my, im beyond giddy right now. can't wait till my moly comes in. i already have an idea for the sign in/ info page :)

  7. I'd rather go around more than once so I can see everyone's art in person!