Thursday, January 22, 2009

just me

well ... I guess I'm the "old lady" of the group at 38 {which is really funny cause I'm one of the young gals among my peer group of mixed media artists}

about me:
  • married for almost 18 year with two crazy teenagers {son 16/daughter 14}
  • live in freezing cold Michigan
  • I'm a 3rd generation mixed media artist who makes paper & fabric art quilts
  • invented a process called Transparency Manipulation where I print quirky vintage images on overhead transparencies, melt them with fire, use rub-ons, sew them by hand or on my sewing machine to paper or fabric
  • enjoy making handmade journals, purses & lately stuffed creatures
  • completely addicted to my moles now and am in love with my rotring xonnox pens {now called tikky graphic} and martha stewart markers
  • I'm a freelance writer for Somerset Studio magazine and have been in 5 other books published by artist friends along with I think 8 magazines now.
  • in the process of writing/pitching my own book to Northlight
  • I'm a hoarder, have the terrible habit of leaving piles of art/books/magazines/supplies all over the house and don't do well with lists!
  • completely addicted to pens/yarn/fabric/paper/vintage photos/beads/antique buttons
  • love anime and animated movies
  • love to read
anywhoo, I have to laugh because my husband is also from California {Chino} which is odd with all of you being there :)

I'm going to do Coraline for my mole ... was thinking about being broader with Fairy Tales, but have lately fallen back in love with Neil Gaimen, Tim Burton and the original book.

I have a website that is in dire needs of updating, but will be put off until the book push:

I also have a blog that I'm sporadic about updating:

I probably keep up with flickr the most :)


identityseven aka jen


  1. Jen, I think we are kindred spirits....I don't do much in mixed media art, but I love it. And if my boyfriend had any clue about the amount of yarn/scrapbooking/art books/paints/markers, etc. I have hiding under our bed he'd probably faint, LOL!!

  2. AND....can I just say...I've seen your picture on flickr and your profile, I would never have thought you were 38 so kudos to you!! LOL.