Thursday, January 22, 2009

It looks like everyone wants to go two rounds... just to clarify for you newbies. Normally with moly exchanges...the number of group members seems to determine the number of pages you get to complete. However seeing as we are a small group of five, we had two options. Doing six pages and finishing in one go-round or do less pages for each entry and possibly get the book around twice.

It looks like the majority of us want to have the books go around twice. So what does that mean for all of us? It means less pages per entry! Not a big deal, in fact that might help people get the molies out in a more timely manner even, woo hoo!

So everyone should be able to go ahead and get of course can do sign in pages, if you want them or as I've done before an Intro page. You can also start your first entry, so remember to keep it under four pages. Myself, I'll be doing only three pages and using the fourth page to sort of transition.

By the way, for my book, I really love to see people transition one artist to the next. So feel free to really get in there close next to the artist right before can even go a bit over something they've done on the edge of their entry...did that make sense to everyone? LOL


  1. Hi Kelley, can you send me a quick email, I dont know how to sign into this blog and make an entry. You mentioned earlier that you had emailed me the link - I havent recieved anything! Thanks, your a gem.

  2. Leanne, I sent the message on the 20th...double check your junk mail or spam folder...maybe it went there my mistake. If need be I'll send another one...but it went to your yahoo address. I've also sent you instructions, to your yahoo address, to tell you how to get started :)