Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monsters Inc.

Well Hi Guys, After much flip flopping I gave up on a Toy Story theme and went with Monsters Inc. What can I say, amongst other things Im an avid animated movie watcher. And for my introductory post, here's a couple of more things about me that really best describes who I am:

Im an animal freak - I seem to have an animal magnet that attracts lost animals - Im forever picking up stray and lost dogs. A couple of weeks ago I walked out my front door to find a massive big dog I've never seen before curled up asleep on my front door mat. Its unnerving really, how are they always tracking me down?

I love love love pens, pencils and pastels. I have countless mechanical pencils, I dont need anymore but they are just so good...

Animated Movies - Is there anything else? I mean really, there is a movie for every occasion.

I want to illustrate books, I have drawn characters, created stories... I havent got the courage up to send them to a publisher yet. Maybe next year or the year after?

And lastly, I spend way too much time drawing.

I have a website and blog link, but they dont go any where just yet, (because Im too busy drawing!) and


  1. Welcome, Leanne!!! I'm glad the whole blogger mess is finally sorted :) Question..since you're doing Monster's Inc. for your story...will you have a way of getting a printed outline of some sort for people who have never seen the movie?? I, of course, have seen it many times...I even used to have a Sully door guard, but alas I gave it to a needy child since I'm basically a grown up kid now :(

    Just a thought on the printed version...maybe you could find an outline or something just so people keep the story going in the right order. And sorry to bombard you with questions...but do you want the characters drawn like they are in the movies or shall we all put our own spin on them?? Just curious ;)

  2. Good question Kelley... I guess Im happy for each person to decide if they want to draw the characters the same as the movie or to add their own dimension.