Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where's my moly?

sorry i've been m.i.a. as of late...still nursing this stupid cold i have. thats the problem with having no immunity, you get colds more frequent and they stay with ya MUCH longer... grrrrr. i've never had a cold for 2 weeks...odd, eh?

ok! so here's an update on moi!
  • amazon delayed my order on my japanese moly. so i dunno how much longer till i get it :( its making me melancholy! 
  • reading your guys' entries is making me think of other stories to do. should i stick with the finding nemo story? is everyone familiar with it? or do i have to do something else??? maybe my book could be more of a character study? lol, i dunno. ha ha im such a noob.
  • i found out that i am moving the day AFTER my birthday, lame! (i better get a sweet present this year!!!) so i think this means i'll have to tell you guys where my new addy will be in a couple weeks, yess? ;)
  • weighed my corgi and found out he's 2 lbs over weight, lol! what a little heifer! (aren't heifer's girl cows tho? so whats the male equivalent? hmmmm....) anywho, my little doggy is a fatty, just like his mommy and daddy! ha ha ha. someones going on a diet!
  • before i got the email from amazon about the late moly, a ups truck pulled up infront of my complex and i srsly thought it was my moly....so i ran out to the door, smiling at the ups guy only for him to pass me and walk upstairs to my other neighbor. *epic fail*
  • pissed cause i realized i dont have any pants left for the winter season. i went out to run an errand yesterday in capri's. it was 32degrees out. lol. 
  • nyquil doesn't seem to work for me....
  • im addicted to facebook. feel free to add my btw :)

so uhhh, i know there's prolly more i could say, but i think it would be best if i just went and took a nap :) this is my second one today! tee hee....prolly not my last either...


  1. Awww, poor Debbie, no moly and you have a cold!! Well I am glad you are so excited about getting started...here's a thought...since you're stuck with no moly...why don't you get a piece of paper...maybe something slightly bigger than 8.5 by 11 and turn it into a sign in page...when your moly does arrive you can fold it up all cutesy like and put it in the back of your book - and hey it'll leave more open pages for you to do for your story :)

  2. Oh Debbie its sounds like you are feeling miserable at the moment - and when its like that then yes, definately have a nap! I ordered my moly, and entred the wrong po box - duh... Lucky for me it had to be signed for and after a lot of chasing around before I reaslised my stupid mistake I managed to get my hands on my order. Im familar with Nemo, but Im thinking along the lines that if we dont know a movie or a story then we can go rent a dvd or go to the library to borrow the book, its like a new adventure. (I read Coraline for the first time last night and loved it!) Anyway good luck getting rid of your cold and fingers crossed you get your moly soon.