Friday, January 30, 2009

So Many Panels...

Still a long way to go, but here's a little sneak preview from me (drawing The Little Mermaid).
Just realise there are 60 zig-zag folds! (gasp!)
Why does the maker of Moleskine be so generous with paper? Kidding!
Ok, back to doodling! (cracks whip)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi Y'all!

Howdy mister and missus-es!
Flee's the name and Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" is my game!
I finally got my japanese album moleskine (2 in fact! in case my time travelling self decided to nick the present... erm... nevermind), oh joy!
(because it was sold out practically in all art bookstore).
But no excuses, i'll have to double up my Redbull intake
if i want to pull the moleskine collaboration project off nicely.
I'll post something up by this weekend, some pencil lines at least.
So behold!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

as promised...

It's nothing too spectacular just yet, but I wanted to post my work in progress. I'm really happy with the way my intro/sign in pages are coming along, however I'm still trying to decide if I want to torture you all and make you wait till you get my book to see them or just preview 'em when my pages are all done, LOL. Hee hee, I'm such a meanie. Anyway, the few vague pages you can see here are the first entry in my book as well as a 'title' page :) Since I can't seem to keep my hands off this thing I'm thinking I'll have it done by the weekend, LOL.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Heard from Lee...

Just to keep you all posted...Lee our fifth member is not missing in action, just on a nice week'long holiday. We should be seeing an intro this week sometime - but I just wanted you all to know what's going on :)

There's a rumor that Lee's chosen story is also an animated flick/Hans Christian Anderson story. I'll let you take guesses, LOL!! Looks like we've all got some fun stories going.

I think I'll post some work in progress photos tonight of my know...we need some photos on this blog to liven things up.

Where's my moly?

sorry i've been m.i.a. as of late...still nursing this stupid cold i have. thats the problem with having no immunity, you get colds more frequent and they stay with ya MUCH longer... grrrrr. i've never had a cold for 2 weeks...odd, eh?

ok! so here's an update on moi!
  • amazon delayed my order on my japanese moly. so i dunno how much longer till i get it :( its making me melancholy! 
  • reading your guys' entries is making me think of other stories to do. should i stick with the finding nemo story? is everyone familiar with it? or do i have to do something else??? maybe my book could be more of a character study? lol, i dunno. ha ha im such a noob.
  • i found out that i am moving the day AFTER my birthday, lame! (i better get a sweet present this year!!!) so i think this means i'll have to tell you guys where my new addy will be in a couple weeks, yess? ;)
  • weighed my corgi and found out he's 2 lbs over weight, lol! what a little heifer! (aren't heifer's girl cows tho? so whats the male equivalent? hmmmm....) anywho, my little doggy is a fatty, just like his mommy and daddy! ha ha ha. someones going on a diet!
  • before i got the email from amazon about the late moly, a ups truck pulled up infront of my complex and i srsly thought it was my i ran out to the door, smiling at the ups guy only for him to pass me and walk upstairs to my other neighbor. *epic fail*
  • pissed cause i realized i dont have any pants left for the winter season. i went out to run an errand yesterday in capri's. it was 32degrees out. lol. 
  • nyquil doesn't seem to work for me....
  • im addicted to facebook. feel free to add my btw :)

so uhhh, i know there's prolly more i could say, but i think it would be best if i just went and took a nap :) this is my second one today! tee hee....prolly not my last either...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Think I Have it Figured Out Now....I Swear!

So, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan are out...the stories are wonderful, but they are just too long to try and print out and send a copy with my moly. Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this, maybe it doesn't matter, but I wanted to be able to include a copy of the story so that we could all follow it as closely as possible, LOL. I know - it's my illustrator nature coming out.

Anyway, when I couldn't find shorter versions of those stories to use....I started thinking about my favorite stories when I was younger. I've been collecting Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood books for awhile now...however I've got both of those going in two other exchanges, LOL. So I kept thinking and thinking, and then it hit me, what is my favorite children's book? DUH!! And Jen even suggested it, in one of her comments to me - Where the Wild Things Are. She had commented about a still life I'd done, here, and I was so caught up in deciding between Peter Pan or the story of Oz, that I think I just completely blocked it from my train of thought. So anyway, long story short, I'll be doing Where the Wild Things Are. My main goal now is to try and create a max that doesn't look exactly like Sendak's. LOL.

I'm off to sketch....just keeping you all up to date with my indecisiveness, LOL!!

Monsters Inc.

Well Hi Guys, After much flip flopping I gave up on a Toy Story theme and went with Monsters Inc. What can I say, amongst other things Im an avid animated movie watcher. And for my introductory post, here's a couple of more things about me that really best describes who I am:

Im an animal freak - I seem to have an animal magnet that attracts lost animals - Im forever picking up stray and lost dogs. A couple of weeks ago I walked out my front door to find a massive big dog I've never seen before curled up asleep on my front door mat. Its unnerving really, how are they always tracking me down?

I love love love pens, pencils and pastels. I have countless mechanical pencils, I dont need anymore but they are just so good...

Animated Movies - Is there anything else? I mean really, there is a movie for every occasion.

I want to illustrate books, I have drawn characters, created stories... I havent got the courage up to send them to a publisher yet. Maybe next year or the year after?

And lastly, I spend way too much time drawing.

I have a website and blog link, but they dont go any where just yet, (because Im too busy drawing!) and

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Story is becoming a problem, LOL

As I was about to narrow down which story I wanted to illustrate for our exchange, I realized I have a bit of a problem on my hands...first off, I was torn between Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz. Secondly, both stories are kind of long...not that I wouldn't end up with a condensed version anyway...but it's kind of impossible to include any sort of print out to each of you in case you've never read the story, when they are over a hundred pages. So what do I do?? With both books...there is A LOT of information to read through. How are the rest of you handling this sort of thing...or did you all pick nice short stories and I had to be the difficult one, LOL??

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It looks like everyone wants to go two rounds... just to clarify for you newbies. Normally with moly exchanges...the number of group members seems to determine the number of pages you get to complete. However seeing as we are a small group of five, we had two options. Doing six pages and finishing in one go-round or do less pages for each entry and possibly get the book around twice.

It looks like the majority of us want to have the books go around twice. So what does that mean for all of us? It means less pages per entry! Not a big deal, in fact that might help people get the molies out in a more timely manner even, woo hoo!

So everyone should be able to go ahead and get of course can do sign in pages, if you want them or as I've done before an Intro page. You can also start your first entry, so remember to keep it under four pages. Myself, I'll be doing only three pages and using the fourth page to sort of transition.

By the way, for my book, I really love to see people transition one artist to the next. So feel free to really get in there close next to the artist right before can even go a bit over something they've done on the edge of their entry...did that make sense to everyone? LOL

just me

well ... I guess I'm the "old lady" of the group at 38 {which is really funny cause I'm one of the young gals among my peer group of mixed media artists}

about me:
  • married for almost 18 year with two crazy teenagers {son 16/daughter 14}
  • live in freezing cold Michigan
  • I'm a 3rd generation mixed media artist who makes paper & fabric art quilts
  • invented a process called Transparency Manipulation where I print quirky vintage images on overhead transparencies, melt them with fire, use rub-ons, sew them by hand or on my sewing machine to paper or fabric
  • enjoy making handmade journals, purses & lately stuffed creatures
  • completely addicted to my moles now and am in love with my rotring xonnox pens {now called tikky graphic} and martha stewart markers
  • I'm a freelance writer for Somerset Studio magazine and have been in 5 other books published by artist friends along with I think 8 magazines now.
  • in the process of writing/pitching my own book to Northlight
  • I'm a hoarder, have the terrible habit of leaving piles of art/books/magazines/supplies all over the house and don't do well with lists!
  • completely addicted to pens/yarn/fabric/paper/vintage photos/beads/antique buttons
  • love anime and animated movies
  • love to read
anywhoo, I have to laugh because my husband is also from California {Chino} which is odd with all of you being there :)

I'm going to do Coraline for my mole ... was thinking about being broader with Fairy Tales, but have lately fallen back in love with Neil Gaimen, Tim Burton and the original book.

I have a website that is in dire needs of updating, but will be put off until the book push:

I also have a blog that I'm sporadic about updating:

I probably keep up with flickr the most :)


identityseven aka jen

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intro - Debbstar!!!!!

SO, yeah! Why does this feel like a blind date? Anywhooo, um, yeah, I'm Debbie. If you've haven't already read my profile, you should know that it irks me when ppl spell my name with one 'b' instead of yeah, Debbs shall suffice :) ok, list time!!!
  • im 27...but my birthday is next, um, yea  :)
  • mommy of a welsh corgi named einstein
  • mommy to a needy cat named loki the mischevious
  • microns are my best friends
  • i usually use graphite, but for the molys ill be using ink
  • domo-kun lover
  • totoro lover, well, anything ghibli really
  • i crochet. a lot. 
  • yarn addict... there i admitted it. :)
  • sign language rocks my socks
  • bass player enthusiast, lol, im still learning!
  • lover of cooler climates!
  • originally from california
  • now in texas
  • moving to new york...err, soon?
ook i suppose thats just me in a nut shell for now, so yeahhhhhh . ok bye.

Introduction - Kelley

Hey everybody, I'm Kelley aka ilovetodoodle. Just wanted to post a quick intro even though a few of you have heard from me quite a bit lately ;P

Anyway, a little about me. I'm 29 year old and live in Tustin, California with my boyfriend. I graduated from art school with my bachelors in illustration...however I'm still waiting for my big break. Had a bunch of small, odd jobs, just nothing published as of yet. In the mean time, I work a boring desk job I hate, and pass the time by farting around on the internet, LOL. So you can pretty much always catch me on here :) Besides the molies, I have my own blog ( and a portfolio website - that I'm working on redesigning ( ahhh, so much to do.

My favorite mediums are my all-time staples...watercolor, pen and ink...and a good ol' mechanical pencil. I have to admit acrylics are my least favorite, only because I suck at it, LOL...but I'm working on it.

As for the story I've chosen...I'm completely torn...I was thinking of doing either Peter Pan or The Wizard of Oz. Maybe I'll let you guys vote, LOL!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

woot woot it's Moly_X_62 time!

okey dokey artichoke, here's where i'm at!
i ordered my moly (japanese fold out) from amazon last week and am still waiting its arrival! 
um as for the story im chosing, well...still having a hard time deciding? however, i am seriously leaning towards rumplestiltskin...i hope that's how u spell it, lol. anywho, yeah.
since this will be my first time, with moly x anyways, any ground rules? like, um....
  • pages per artiste
  • time? 
  • shipping order?
oh yeah and how is the story thingy gonna work? do i draw the beginning of the story and the next person just continues on so it unfolds like a real story?
or do we draw our favorite scene/part from the fable?
lol. ok. ima leave it at that.    smooches my lovers, can't wait to hear from y'all soon!

Hello Everyone!

I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself...but feel free to sign on and post an introduction so we can all get to know each other. We have a pretty small group here, but I think it's going to be a good one. Let me know if I can answer any questions.